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Welcome to the Maco Detective blog.

Over the past decade I’ve developed trading techniques from trend following, swing trading, day trading, mean reversion trading, factor-based investing, technical analysis, fundamental analysis and experience to make a trading framework.

This framework gives me an ability to constantly assess my location and a stock’s recent price action. This gives me an edge which I want to share because, I’d like to do this instead of my full-time job. I offer a glimpse into what I’m able to do part-time as an intense hobbyist of trading.

If you’ll join me by liking my FB page, following me on Gumroad or subscribing to the Trade Radar for $30/m I can continue to do this and improve as we grow together. During the pandemic of 2020, I’ve really gone deep to develop my process and tools resulting in a clear, unambiguous trading framework.

My results are fantastic but should not be expected. I have no financial training or advice to share but do offer tools I’ve built which work for me. Learn more and join the FREE Trade Radar Monthly, which I send at the start of every month.

Thank you for coming to the site and checking out what we do here.


“Macro Detective”